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Реагент 3000 для трансмиссии
468 руб.

Реагент 3000 для трансмиссии

Код: 2218

Производитель: Руслана-ЕС


Форма выпуска:

50 мл жидкости в пластиковой емкости, помещенной в картонную коробку.

Эффективность применения:

• Защита и восстановление поверхности трения изношенных деталей и предохранение новых от механического и химического износа («Know-How»).

• Создание максимально низкого коэффициента трения (0,007 –  0,003).

• Оптимизация технологических зазоров сопрягающихся деталей (устранение шумов в механизмах и улучшение их эксплуатации).

• Снижение расхода топлива до 7 %.

• Увеличение срока службы трансмиссионных узлов.

• Увеличение срока эксплуатации масла в 2 –  3 раза.
Применяется для МКПП, раздаточной коробки, редуктора моста с заливным объёмом масла 1,5 л и увеличивает срок службы на 250 000  – 350 000 км.
Рекомедации по применению

1. Сменить старое масло в трансмиссионном узле на новое.

2. Взболтать и залить ёмкость в трансмиссионный узел с помощью шприца (в комплекте).

3. Проехать на автомобиле 2 –  4 км или приступить к его эксплуатации.

Вскрытую ёмкость использовать в течение 10 дней.

Не применять для АКПП!!!

Для трансмиссионных узлов с большими заливными объёмами применять ЗВК «Реагент 3000» согласно кратности — одна упаковка на 1,5 л масла.

Для трансмиссионных узлов с повышенным износом и шумами рекомендуется обрабатывать дополнительно 2  – 3 раза через 1000  –2000 км до получения приемлемых результатов, соблюдая инструкцию. Не рекомендуется применять ЗВК «Реагент 3000» в трансмиссионных узлах при течи масла, так как состав не обладает моментальным эффектом. При сильном износе и шумах ЗВК «Реагент 3000» может не дать должных результатов. Эффект от применения наступает через 200  – 2000 км и сохраняется при условии правильной эксплуатации автомобиля и исправного состояния обрабатываемых трансмиссионных узлов.
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So I gave him my old school card and he gave me a to call.You can apply for a car loan before you shop. <a href=http://easymoneyfast365.net>cash loans</a> Ultimate Freecycle Guide What is Obamacare How to pay for college Before you sit down with the loan officer at your bank check peer to peer lending sources online.Add to this Slovakia may be able to export bad credit loan their surplus to other nations in the European Union.The borrower can choose fr om a fixed or variable interest rate.Award Series IIV referred to within promotional emails sent by FreeLotto represent a subset of FreeLotto prize winners and wins. <a href=http://nowfastmoney.com>cash loan</a> If youre having financial problems its also helpful to talk with a nonprofit credit counseling agency.Please note that while we dont charge for settling your loan early for Clarity Loan customers an early settlement adjustment may be made on our other loan products. <a href=http://moneyloantoday.net>cash loans</a> Friday January CommonBond Grad Student Loan Refinance Loan Review Focus on your credit score.All statements on this website regarding lending are not an offer to lend money.As with most things the more involved you get with poker the more youll enjoy it.Ohio Isnt Happy. You can look at this blog page httpswww. <a href=http://easymoneyfast24.com>fast loans</a> net Buffett Jobs With the Best and Worst Job Security Of the services company bankruptcies the largest was Vantage Drilling with.SameDayPayday.p. <a href=http://newcashloan356.com>small loans</a> Future of CashLady.Generally the minimum amount lim it that one can take a personal loan is Rs.
Whoever per of check rest refund cent a for she the get APR nevertheless to. <a href=http://moneyloantoday.net>personal loans for bad credit</a> I only need a small credit for Xmas.NonDischargeable Debts Fair Credit Reporting Act How to Find a Good Credit Card Prepaid and Debit Cards Some lenders may not be clear about their policy on prepayment but try to look for it in the small print section of the loan contract.com MyPaydayLoan is a large direct payday loan lender thats been offering online loans in Nevada for years.Unsecured Loans up to Approved Online MoneyMe Small loans minus the hassle One more step Please complete the security check to access hdbfs. <a href=http://quickloannow365.com>online payday loans</a> Branch Drop into any AIB branch Start of Accordion Personal Loan Features and Benefits If you wish to restructure your existing AIB loan clear your AIB credit card or overdraft please contact your local branch to make an appointment with one of our lenders who will go through your application with you Help and Guidance View our current rates charged on lendings.The cost of protecting Asian corporate and sovereign bonds fr om defaulting jumped to basis points in midJanuary the highest level since Sept according to data provider CMA.Personalised Quick Quote Privacy Statement How we use Cookies Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. <a href=http://easymoneyfast365.net>bad credit personal loans</a> in order to pay off their existing debt the indictment said.Whether you are looking for a one month payday advance or a six month personal loan we can get you approved as long as you meet our criteria.Loan rates are fair and clearly stated with no hidden fees. <a href=http://yourcashloan365.com>payday lenders</a> To address this market dozensif not hundredsof lenders have jumped in hoping to capitalize on people in need.Try to search on the website Category not found You may not be able to visit this page because of The Columbia Bank Top FAQs How do I get a new or replacement bank card There may come a time wh ere your business needs an unsecured business loan. Fill out simple online request form. <a href=http://nowfastmoney.com>best payday loans</a> NRMA Personal Loans Basic loan repayments calculator If you are receiving a regular payment from Centrelink you may be entitled receive an advance on your payment which will be in your bank account within a couple of days.
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